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Eve online low slot shield modules

eve online low slot shield modules

eve:ship_modules:shield_low_modules Shield Low Slot Modules Passive module which increases shield recharge while decreasing total. These modules will increase the regeneration of shields, improving Passive module which increases shield recharge while  ‎ Armor tank · ‎ Damage supplements · ‎ Fitting · ‎ Propulsion. Low slots are left free for damage modules, etc. Shield tanking modules are almost exclusively fit in mid slots, competing with tackling, EWAR,  ‎ Class Contents · ‎ Shield Tanking Skills · ‎ Understand Shield · ‎ Shield Tank Modules.


Eve Online Kronos: Freighter Changes - Now With Low Slots

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The trouble you run into is that Passive Tanking is kinda exponential. Most passive PVP fits use extenders. An active shield tank is characterised by the use of hardeners to resist damage and a shield booster to repair damage that makes it through. The one drawback is stacking penalties these will inhibit the effectiveness of additional resistance modules but do not apply to Shield Extenders. Passive shield tanking is achieved, roughly, through having a large shield buffer aka, a lot of shield HP and mods that reduce your shield recharge time purger rigs, power diagnostic systems, shield flux, etc. Thus it is not surprising that ships of these factions are more likely to be shield tanked. That means that these numbers are not very helpful in combat, they simply give a way of comparing a passive fit against a more active one, or against armor. Page 10 of the presentation shows this behaviour graphically. So you fit a ship that is fast and has really long range such as rail guns and ab fit so yoh can just kite everything. That way you can laugh at neuts and be lazy while doing pve. Drakes and ravens are big enough to and do it. Toolbox What links here Related changes Special pages Printable version Permanent link. eve online low slot shield modules

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